10 Jan

stillness-1920x1080_00400212Quiet and solitude. This is what you need.

You cannot go through this life in the frenzy of action without stopping for a moment to reflect.

It is a necessity to stop.

It is a need, like  breathing. Break off  every now and then from the daily grind of incessant activity and wait.

Wait – for the anxious spirit to have a moment to steady itself.

You have to give due regard to this.

It is like drinking from a cup. The cup is emptied and must be refilled.

You need to set the cup down and hold it still while it is refilled.

The cup of life is no different.

So many of us are drinking from empty cups.

And thus our thirst is never quenched.

If you are wise, then, and would have some measure of contentment, take the time to stop awhile.

Stop and open your heart, like the windows of your house, to let the fresh cool breeze blow through and clear the stale, spent forces from your body.

Let  the sunlight and the regenerating flow of its warmth in to encourage the new growth of harmony and peace in your life.

Seek the stillness within you. Seek to reclaim that which the mind desperately wrests from your aching body.

Find it within you to, with firm resolve, dispense with the clanging thoughts that continually engulf you.

Look into the nothing.

Look into the nothing and feel your being.

Who are you? Can you feel you?

Can you for a moment sit with your own self and discover what it is that is you?

Quiet and solitude.

Seek out these two things.

Take the time to escape the clangor of the world around.

Seek your own company and let your cup be refilled.

Rest your weary spirit and for once give time to hear the calling of your imprisoned soul trapped deep within.


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