7 Mar

intuition-bente-hansenDivine Inspiration.

Knowledge that infiltrates your being.

It has a warmth.

There is a fire in this that purifies the blood and burns away the debris of falsehood.

It is the unsounded voice of inner truth and it flows through you in your bloodstream – an integral component of the circulatory system.

Intuition is propelled by your heart.

It completely and utterly feeds your cells with an energy flow of the real truth of existence.

And we each know it is there.

It is an inescapable truth.

It is as natural and intrinsic to life as breathing.

And even the most  ‘out-of-touch-with-his-own-self ‘ person cannot escape the fact of the presence this sense.

And no denial of its existence can thwart its purpose.

Here is a finely-tuned instrument completely at your disposal.

Here is a vehicle that needs no insurance or safety belt.

Here is a gift that,  should you care to unwrap it, will lead  you as accurately as the finest GPS system to the destination of your deepest desires and soul purpose.

Why do you not open this door?

Why do you not peek inside?

Why do you not trust to its perfection?

Is it simply because you cannot see it?

Or have you allowed yourself to be brainwashed by the dull conventions of collective thinking?

Come! Dare to walk on the side of the unconventionalist for a moment. Tap into the inner wisdom of your own self.

Allow yourself to hear the voice of your own heart and give it the respect it deserves.

Stop always listening to those outside of you. What do they know? Your truth is not their truth and their truth is not your truth.

We each have our own voice. And it is only in the singing of our own song that the glorious harmony of the Universe can be revealed.

Let us hide our own magic no longer. Let us decide to fly in the face of social norms and establish first and foremost what is right for us, and only then consider the view of our fellow man.


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