The Labyrinth

4 Apr

Picture of a labyrinth

Are you confused?

Have you lost your way?

Does clear thinking escape you?

Have you found it difficult to trap your mind into focusing on a specific task?

I am here to help you.

Thought comes easily to me and as you trace my path with your feet I reflect the path in your head.

And from the pace and rhythm of your feet,  your mind can sense the feelings in your heart.

And it is in this way that your mind can connect with all the unspoken desires you express in your actions.

It is in this way that your actions begin to make sense to the mind.

And it is in this way that the mind can at last begin to understand the being that you are.

And it then becomes clear to your head how to serve you better.


The path of life is not easy to tread.

One needs all the help one can get.

And in the reflection of the pattern in a person’s head, paced through by one’s feet, it is easier to see the patterns in one’s life.

And then the strange becomes familiar.

It becomes easier to venture forth into new territory because familiar patterns are recognized and one does not feel so alien.


We are all foreigners here. This is not the original place of our birth.

And therefore it is all strange to us although we are somehow tricked into thinking it is familiar.

So it is easy to be lost – and thus it is in your best interests to tread this way, in quiet contemplation, so that the beat of your heart can speak through your feet to the chaotic throughts in your head

And align the pulse of your mind to the steady rhythm of your body.

Image by: Lars Hammar


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