21 Apr

IMG_6981I am a king.

My kingdom extends across the earth.

I know all my subjects.

I know all the invaders of my lands.

I know the destructors of my fiefdom.

I know who may come and who may go.

Do not dare to believe that you  know more than me.

And should you wish to  cross my borders do not forget to obtain my permission.

For it will go ill with you should you trespass, and no mercy will be shown.

I am not made on simple terms.

My structure is intricately designed and masterfully crafted to absorb the light from the crystalline grid that surrounds the earth.

I process the energies from the grid and the earth, and retune the vibrations so that the balance  between the two entities are held in perfect harmony and are able to communicate with each other.

And it is for this reason that I am the pinnacle of the floral kingdom and it is for this reason that my integrity must be kept pristine and uncorrupted.

Mountain, sea and land, the magical trinity of my habitat: the exquisite balance of these forces of nature hold me at the perfect geometric configuration to allow the etheric fibres to stay crystal clear and the vibration of subatomic  size particles to be transmitted with pinpoint accuracy.

Were it not for me this world would have ended long ago.

I was placed here by the wisdom of the sages of the past, and through the eons I have evolved into the instrument of cosmic communication that is needed here.

My message to you is to open your hearts to the voice of the planet, heed the call of the divine to give due acknowledgement to the gift of life and respect the sacred earth on which you have been placed.

You are only a guest here for a short while.

It is only right that you should not take advantage of the hospitality that you have been shown.

While you are here, rather enhance your surroundings; do not use more of the resources than you need.

By all means enjoy all the facilities but:

Tidy up after yourself and leave the place in a better condition than when you arrived.

In this way, you can be sure that the host will appreciate and respect you, friendships can be forged,

And you will be always be welcome should you need to pass this way again.


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