Machu Picchu

4 May

D1000172I am from long ago.

I am hewn from the mountain with courage and bravery.

I am built as a monument to the energy of the sun.

I tell you now that I am the voice of an ancient people,

I echo their wisdom from a by-gone  era and they call to you to hear their tales of mystery and invention.

You seek answers among the ruins of their structures.

You seek meanings buried behind their carvings and sculptures.

But you are missing that which lies right before your eyes.


Why this citadel so high?

Why this narrow, treacherous, steep path to the pinnacle?

Why set such a Herculean task to live so far from that which is hospitable to man?

Is it isolation?

Is it height?

Is it vantage point?

Is it safety?

Or, is it a portal to another world?


Perhaps our ancestors found their way here on an energy wave that somehow resonates with the vibration of this mountain peak.

Perhaps somehow they tracked the footprints of galactic beasts and were led here to the door of our world.

Perhaps the gate that once stood open in clear communication with another dimension slammed shut during the upheaval of some cataclysmic event,

And we were trapped here, cut off from the origins of our race.


We have lost our heritage.

We have been cut off from our source.

We are being called to return, our hearts resound with the vibration of our roots and our blood runs red with the colour of the earth of our origins.

But we have lost the key, and we cannot find the door.

And thus, high up on this mountain peak, amidst the ruins and the remnants of by-gone days we search for that which cannot be found.

And only the echo of our own heartbeat here amidst these mountain peaks can remind us of these mysteries from long ago.






One Response to “Machu Picchu”

  1. cdogmaximilian May 4, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    Very descriptive, I like it.


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