Message from a Royal Baby

25 Jul

2013-07-25 23.00.32Shhhhhhhhhh. I am sleeping.

Do not disturb my peace.

I am trying to make head or tail of where I am.

I am not used to the clangor that surrounds me, and it frightens me.

I come from a dark silent space and there I felt secure and safe.

Here all seems rather hostile and frenetic and it will take time for me to adjust.

I bring a message for you all.

I am the messenger and it is necessary for all to hear the underlying truth of the story I tell.

Look not for diamonds and tiaras.

Look not for crowns and titles and history.

Look not for lineage and inheritance.

Look not what lies on the surface but at that which lies below.

I have been tethered to this mortal coil for an allotted time.

I have only so much that I can give.

I pledge to discharge my duties with dignity and grace.

I pledge to be of whatever service asked of me with all the skill and insight I can muster.

And I dedicate my life to one of service for the good of all.

I do not wish to betray my birthright.

I know I will be supported by the love and goodwill of many.

Yet mine is a lonely road and a difficult path, and no doubt I will disappoint many along the way.

I can only hope that in some way I will manage to please more than I displease.

I beg your forgiveness in advance for those lapses of sound judgement that are part and parcel of the fabric of being human.

I suspect that if we all dig deep enough into our hearts and unlock the resources of forgiveness and compassion that lie within, we will all be able to tolerate the inevitable mistakes and get along just fine!


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