2 Oct

Feeding the GeeseWe are happy.

We sense a relaxation within.

We feel that sense of belonging without obligation.

We understand the unspoken tryst of acceptance.

And we know that our time together is playtime.


We imprint ourselves in each other’s energy field and leave our contours there to be examined and explored and experienced.

And we fear it not.

Our light filters into the darkness of each other’s heart and it lifts the burdens that lie therein – maybe only for a short while- yet long enough to allow sapped strength to be renewed.

Ills of the world are left at the doorstep of our engagements and in the lightness of our conversation is camouflaged a deep sense of truth.


It is not always easy to recognize a true friend, and our journey together may be short or long.

And it is often that shifts in our own consciousness cause rifts in our relationships.

But it is all good.

We meet fellow travelers along the road of life and share a cup of mulled wine at inns on the way.

We view the hills and valleys together and cross streams and rivers.

And in this way the sometimes endless road seems shorter and easier to tread, inclement weather is parried with shared umbrellas, and individual experiences added together make problems easier to solve.


Friendship is that mystical sense of understanding without explanation,

Of caring without reason,

And of connecting on a subtle vibration of joy that permeates the barriers of our social conditioning.

We all have the capacity to love and be loved and within the bounds of friendship we are given the opportunity to flex our relationship muscles.

It is a safe place: room for error is generous,

Misunderstandings are incidental and forgiveness abundant.


It is all about warmth and congeniality.

And with only the most basic training all of us can be experts in this most rewarding and enriching language of life.





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