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28 Nov

awe-inspiring-views-earth-apollo_69605_600x450I am home.

Home to those who wish to etch their being in my blue light.

I am like a lamp, glowing in  the universe.

From far away my magical light can be seen

And I entice those distant energies to come to my hearth and listen to the stories I recount.


It is said that my light reaches all corners of the universe.

It is said that my light is hidden from no one.

It is said that my light  is as warm and comforting as the light of Creator Himself.

He has bathed me in his own beauty to reflect His own Glory.


I turn in unison with the symphony of the planets.

We all spin on our own axis,

And yet, if you look closely enough, there is only one axis,

And to it we are all tethered.

And if you look closely at the atoms in your own cells,

You will see that they spin on an axis that is aligned with mine.

And thus we all move in harmony.


Nothing is random.

Not one jot is displaced in the order of things.

There are no colliding paths of existence.

Everything moves in accordance with a master plan.

Mind cannot grasp the whole.

To an ant amidst the grass, each blade must seem an endless challenge.

To the human, the Universe is infinite.

To me, knowing what I know and seeing what I see,

It is not difficult to ascertain the true value of life,

And recognize the sanctity of Man’s existence.


Therefore, I do my best to honour you.

I do my best to nurture you and provide all your bodily needs.

I open the storehouses of my resources

And unstintingly distribute them for your use.

For if I can make it any easier for you to live,

I do so,

Knowing that you are the pinnacle of creation

And God’s chosen ones.


Make the most of your time here.

Unearth the nature  of your being and the purpose of your form.

I am here for you, and treasure you.

Take comfort from my light while you may.

Time is a formidable force and will not yield to your pleas for grace.

There is no rest for  you here,

But while you breathe the air of my cloak,

You have my protection and guardianship.


I do not judge you or guess your worth.

I see your inner light and I see it reflects mine.

Therefore, I know we are brothers, born from the same blood.

And we hold our place here together on this shared journey of life.

A sacred bond, a sacred journey, a sacred mission.


Take my heart with yours and remember me,

For I cannot leave until you have all gone.

And I too, long to return from whence I came.



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