Poetry on Poetry

27 Aug


Craft my words
Into a vessel.
Carrying messages
Across oceans of understanding
Calling in at diverse ports.
Unloading goods for trade
Taking aboard new ideas
And hearing voices
Never known before.

Captain Expression, will order the crew,
Able Seamen Feeling and Emotion,
To man the decks,
As our small craft bobs over the seas
Tossed on stormy waves of passion
Propelled by currents of life
Governed by tides of thoughts
That ebb and swell with the moon.

For rest, seek refuge in a hidden cove.
Anchor there,
Protected from the sentiment of prevailing winds,
Contemplate the heritage of the past
Look to the horizon
And see what fate awaits
When men have no longer use for form.

But then, recklessly, throw aside all maps!
Set sail once more
Seek far distant shores of strange sounds and exotic perfumes.

Watch as the words weave their magic spell and
Borne on the pure joy of rhythm
Watch our little craft seek its own fortune
With no regrets.


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