6 Jan

2015 Fireworks.

Hear me when I speak to you on the soft winds of change.
Open your hearts to the sound of new beginnings.
Let your mind clear itself of all preconceived notions, and discover once more the delight of rediscovery.

Look around.
Inspect the familiar:
-Those things that are hidden by their constancy.
-Those old friends that accompany you day in and day out,
-Those habits that you wear, unaware.
– Those opinions that have stealthily made their home in your head uninvited, unquestioned, unnoticed.

Look again!
See with new eyes the thoughts that you have thoughtlessly been harbouring.
Question them.
Interrogate their purpose.
Hold them to the light.
Revisit all the old concepts, folded neatly away in the cupboard of your mind.
In the cold light of day, with cobwebs and dust shaken from them,
Do they still serve?

A new year, a new beginning,
An opportunity to re-invent your own direction.

We demarcate the minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks.
We compartmentalize the year into months and quarters,
And we red flag the birthdays, the anniversaries and milestones.
And all this order attempts to reign in the fleetingness of life…

But in truth, each year flies by faster than the one before,
And the hurtling of time unnerves us and leaves us bewildered and anxious in the wake of its illusion.
We cannot hold a minute in our hand,
We cannot turn back the clock,
We cannot replay our regrets and fashion them into achievement.
We are carried helplessly on the crest of a wave only to crash, inevitably, on the shore of death.

Therefore, do not waste your time holding on to old, worn out ideas that no longer serve you or hold relevance to your life ahead.
Revisit your ideals and your ethos,
Re-evaluate your customs and codes of conduct.
Re-assess all that is familiar and comfortable and convenient.
Leave no stone unturned, move house if you must.
Do not drag with you the decay of familiarity.

Life is fleeting, life is short, life is gifted in mystery.
Do whatever it takes to live in cognizance of your own uniqueness
And do not allow the stifling restrictions of inherited conventions
To blind you and confine you to actions that undermine
The worth of who you really are.


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