The Inner Child

17 Jul

inner-child-m240eztuhtd5sk2zqlzal7q9u7ujca1anb0w6cq9bgI am young and innocent and I see no-one around me except myself.
Everything is new and fresh and I am absorbed in the act of discovering the world around me.
I see everything with only my perspective. In my field of vision I have not yet been influenced by the outside world. My experience comes from a unique place. It is the mixing of my perception with my experience that gives me my point of view and all my learning in later life is predicated on that.

I see you now: who you have become and how far you have been swept away from me by the passage of time. I see in your heart that, having built your foundations on my initial discoveries, you have absorbed the vibrations of those around you and filtered them into your perception of yourself. This may or may not be a good thing. For somewhere along the way you may
have been given the impression that my early learning perspectives were not valid. And depending on how strong those opinions were etched into your brain and overlaid on the uniqueness of
your beginnings, perhaps somewhere along the line, you bought into the validity of another perspective and discarded the truth of your central being.

Time overlays a multitude of beliefs in our heart. And the further you travel from me, the easier it is to forget yourself.

In this world you are not meant to stay a child. In this world, with the gathering of new perspectives and the opening of your mind to the rich tapestry of life around you, you expand from limited to limitless. If you allow yourself to be fully open and take the experience of curiosity and exploration with you, you can become so much more than just one of a million. You can become one in a million.

I have given you that gift of knowing how to just be and to just experience. It is called being in the now; forgetting the past and forgetting the future. Being present and allowing only the colour of you to colour your perception. I am still with you, and I am still within you. And I, watching you from
a distance, long to remember myself from your perspective. I long to wake that sleeping consciousness within you, of who you were before your mind became cluttered with the
judgments and perceptions of others. If I could meet you as you are now and share my experience of you with you, perhaps I could wash away some of the tears of your sorrows and heal some of the wounds of your heart.

I am always with you and within you. I am part of you but I am not all of you. I am – yet I am not, because you have forgotten how to see me.
And because you have forgotten how to see me, you have forgotten how to love me.
And in forgetting how to love me, you have forgotten how to love yourself.
You have forgotten how to accept without judgment, in the innocence of self absorption, the very truth of who you are. You have forgotten, in this moment of oblivion, how to connect to the beauty of your own soul, and to be in tune with your own unique vibration.

It has been necessary for you, for a time, to be separate from me. But now, now that the time has worked its magic on you for good or for ill, the opportunity is once more here for us to meet. For us
to remember and reconnect, for us to reintegrate. And in this moment of meeting, we can enrich our experience of life, raise our vibration and let go of that which does no longer serves us.

And you, my friend, can be more at peace within yourself.


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