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The Star of Bethlehem

12 Nov



Radiant, warm light envelops me.
I feel calm and content.
I feel I am in good hands.
I hear things around me, almost I imagine,
Like angels singing.
And in the music I lose all sense of time.
I feel transported to another world.
And I see colours, rich and varied,
So many I have never seen before.
I am lost in wonder.
Am I dreaming?

But this cannot be since I am very much cognizant of my beating heart.
I am aware of every particle of myself.
And I know that, should I wish to leave, I can.
Who are you that I sense around me?
Who holds me close and warm in their arms?
Who sings so sweetly this ethereal refrain?

Important events need to be marked.
A stamp of approval needs to be set upon them
In accordance with the worth and significance of the circumstance.
It is not too often that a celestial body is used as a seal on a propitious occasion.
And it is not often that the hand of the Mover of All Things
Is inspired to mark – so visibly and so dramatically –
An event seemingly only of import to the human race,
And then, seemingly, only in a context
Applicable to a small segment of that population.

There are times in our lives which can never be forgotten:
Times which, by virtue of their magnitude either in shock value or ecstasy value,
Are indelibly imprinted on our hearts and minds,
Never to be erased or lost.

Here, we have an inexplicable natural phenomenon,
Lighting up the night skies,
More brightly visible to those people from so long ago
Than could ever now appear in our electrically generated age,
Foretold by the seers of that time,
And linked, it would seem, to the humble birth of a baby
With no entitlement to an official title or inheritance.

It is as if a cross has been placed
On a treasure map of the whole complex creation,
Giving, to all who can see it,
The coordinates to a trove of precious jewels
And treasure beyond measure.
Follow the steps and you will find it.
How could any clue be more obvious?
How could any signal be demarcated more clearly?
How blind would one have to be to not realize that this is seriously important?

Surely, if it is there for all to see then it must mean something.
And surely, whoever placed the star in the sky
Believed it was that significant a happening
That everyone should know about it,
Down to the least educated and least valued of people.

It must have been like a thunderous shout from the skies,
An in-your-face declaration of “Look here, whoever you are!”
An impossible-to-miss notification of an event declared before all,
By a mighty Being with the power to move the heavens to Its command.

Perhaps we should revisit our thoughts
On the significance of this momentous occasion.
Perhaps, although we know the story and the importance
Of the soul whose birth was marked by it,
We should question why the births of other figures,
Teaching very similar scriptures,
Were not marked in such a manner.
It seems as if there is more to this than meets the eye.
It is as if, even now, we are being told
“The treasure you seek lies here,
At this time, in this place, in this humble heart.”

Perhaps we should try to open our minds,
And explore the knowledge we can find there,
To unlock the answers to this riddle.

I am taken up to the top of a rainbow of light.
I am bathed in incandescent colours.
I become transparent,
And like a prism I refract the rainbow colours
Into a spectacular kaleidoscope
Of translucent crystal light.

I feel perhaps like a star might feel,
Pulsing with vibrant, splendid energy.
And as I look down beneath me
I see an azure blue ball
Radiating its ethereal beauty,
Mystical and magical,
In a calm, patient, velvet sea.

I feel a connection,
I feel a deep communication
Which transcends my capacity to describe its essence.
The best I can do is say that the interconnectedness of all things
Seems to be anchored at this point in the universe;
Where an incomparable star
Was placed on the brow
Of a special baby human being –
A mark impossible to ignore,
Ever to be remembered,
And indelibly engraving in the mind of humanity
The existence of God.


The Inner Child

17 Jul

inner-child-m240eztuhtd5sk2zqlzal7q9u7ujca1anb0w6cq9bgI am young and innocent and I see no-one around me except myself.
Everything is new and fresh and I am absorbed in the act of discovering the world around me.
I see everything with only my perspective. In my field of vision I have not yet been influenced by the outside world. My experience comes from a unique place. It is the mixing of my perception with my experience that gives me my point of view and all my learning in later life is predicated on that.

I see you now: who you have become and how far you have been swept away from me by the passage of time. I see in your heart that, having built your foundations on my initial discoveries, you have absorbed the vibrations of those around you and filtered them into your perception of yourself. This may or may not be a good thing. For somewhere along the way you may
have been given the impression that my early learning perspectives were not valid. And depending on how strong those opinions were etched into your brain and overlaid on the uniqueness of
your beginnings, perhaps somewhere along the line, you bought into the validity of another perspective and discarded the truth of your central being.

Time overlays a multitude of beliefs in our heart. And the further you travel from me, the easier it is to forget yourself.

In this world you are not meant to stay a child. In this world, with the gathering of new perspectives and the opening of your mind to the rich tapestry of life around you, you expand from limited to limitless. If you allow yourself to be fully open and take the experience of curiosity and exploration with you, you can become so much more than just one of a million. You can become one in a million.

I have given you that gift of knowing how to just be and to just experience. It is called being in the now; forgetting the past and forgetting the future. Being present and allowing only the colour of you to colour your perception. I am still with you, and I am still within you. And I, watching you from
a distance, long to remember myself from your perspective. I long to wake that sleeping consciousness within you, of who you were before your mind became cluttered with the
judgments and perceptions of others. If I could meet you as you are now and share my experience of you with you, perhaps I could wash away some of the tears of your sorrows and heal some of the wounds of your heart.

I am always with you and within you. I am part of you but I am not all of you. I am – yet I am not, because you have forgotten how to see me.
And because you have forgotten how to see me, you have forgotten how to love me.
And in forgetting how to love me, you have forgotten how to love yourself.
You have forgotten how to accept without judgment, in the innocence of self absorption, the very truth of who you are. You have forgotten, in this moment of oblivion, how to connect to the beauty of your own soul, and to be in tune with your own unique vibration.

It has been necessary for you, for a time, to be separate from me. But now, now that the time has worked its magic on you for good or for ill, the opportunity is once more here for us to meet. For us
to remember and reconnect, for us to reintegrate. And in this moment of meeting, we can enrich our experience of life, raise our vibration and let go of that which does no longer serves us.

And you, my friend, can be more at peace within yourself.


20 Oct

I sit here and I do not know where I come from.
I have no idea how or why the world turns,
Only that it does and I too must turn with it.

I have no comprehension of the sense of existence.
It just is, and I am stuck here,
Welded to the passage of time
With no control of the forces that waylay me.

Who can tell the hour of their departure?
Who knows when the train will leave?
Who can plan any day with certainty?

And it is in this state, that I find myself sitting here trying to pretend I am in charge,
Trying to figure the odds of my dice –
But knowing the inevitability of being wrenched from my seat of comfort
And being hurled into the unknown.

I listen to the whispers around me,
I strain my ears to catch the disembodied voices that swirl around me.
I know they know, but they cannot tell.
They cannot flesh out whispers into words.
So I am stuck here with no hope of knowing my fate –
Like a condemned man who sits in his cell awaiting the final turn of the wheel in the works of the judiciary.

I am waiting, that’s the truth!
And who knows? When this wait is over will there just be another ‘wait’ on the other side?
Maybe nothing happens there, maybe that is the end.
And if that is the end, all I have waited for is nothing.

So I am left with three possibilities:
a waiting and an end,
a waiting and some more waiting,
or a waiting and then the objective of all the waiting is reached.

Now that I think about it, for me, only the third scenario has any interest for me.
Why wait just to dissolve as if you have never been?
Why wait just to go on waiting?
Therefore I choose a purpose.
And because I have no hard evidence to base my purpose on, I make one up.

I go through all the possibilities I can find.
I research the libraries of the world.
I eliminate all that that seems inconsequential, stupid and foolhardy.
I eliminate all that wastes my time on empty actions.
I feel my way through dark corners of intellect and logic.
I gather together all that I like, that seems common sense to me,
That gives a reasonable answer to every question I have.
I make sense of my world, and in every area I explore the thoughts of others
Comparing the ideas of ancient voices with those more present.
I look for synchronicities and agreement where it is impossible for one voice to have heard the other.

And after gathering all this information
I form my theory.

As time goes by I hold the theory up to the light for inspection to see if it holds
Knowing that if one uncomfortable thought emerges,
I will be plunged back into the search.
Now I have a plan,
And life becomes meaningful:
I know where I am going,
I know what I am doing and
I know why I am doing it.
And on the surface this seems enough.
I have an answer for everything,
I’m ready for anything and prepared for the best and the worst.
Heart, mind and soul are aligned………

That moment,
When the world goes black.
That moment,
When all the lights go out.
That moment,
When an enormity of catachlysmic proportions tears the sinews from my bones,
Wrenches my heart from my chest and flings my mangled, pulped body against the heartless cliffs of circumstance!

What is the use of intellect?
What use is research?
Who cares about waiting for purpose or not!

It is only in these violent moments of disruption and chaos,
That the mind is swallowed up in the agony and horror of loss and despair.
It is only in these interminable minutes, where time slashes away at our armour of sense
And flings us into an abyss of torture and incessant lament.
It is only in this depth of carnage that hopes and dreams are as incoherent as the languages of the past.

It is here, where only tears and heaving sobs,
Uncontrolled from deep within,
Have any place.
And there is no remedy for this.
Only maybe the passage of time might shroud us
And take us on a journey far from the memory.

It is only here, where the present completely absorbs us.
And in this abscess of dank, dark grief
We touch the chord of who we really are.


4 Jun

Nectar of the Gods.
Can science really tell what our honey is about?
Can learned men dissect it molecule by molecule and atom by atom and really understand it?
Can they possibly see all the ingredients buried within it?
Can they count the minutes and seconds taken in its process?
Can they isolate the amount of sunshine, rain and wind that has gone into the manufacturing process?
Can they tell exactly which flower is needed for the correct pollen?
There are too many variables.

Yes, they can see the macrocosm of its construction,
Yes, they can see the specific sugars and the number of carbohydrates and calories and vitamins.
And yes, they can make a broad judgement on its food value.
But it is impossible to know the intricate finer detail of its substance.
And it is in the finer detail that the magic lies.

We are the alchemists of life.
It is not for nothing that our product is the colour of gold.
It is not for nothing that those who tame us and keep us are considered to have special gifts.
It is not for nothing that great poets have told of us, and myths have grown around us and we have been venerated by those who tap into the spiritual realm.

But it is not necessary to believe in anything supernatural to understand our mystery.
We are but a part of the intricate web of nature.
We too are hewn from the dust of the earth and the breath of the wind.
We also carry within us the self-same strands of DNA spiralled together in our own unique pattern.
Our building blocks are the same as all life forms. We really are no different……
And yet, perhaps we have been given a touch more than most.
Perhaps we have the edge in energy stores.
After all, busyness is our hallmark.
Perhaps we have the edge in construction, harnessing the power of the hexagonal.
Perhaps our discipline and orderliness in the rank and file of our workers puts even the greatest armies to shame, and our selflessness in service to the community is regarded unparalleled.
But to God, all the above is child’s play.
He can bestow all these attributes on anyone at any time, and to whichever creature he chooses he can award the laurel wreath of success above all.
No, our secret lies in the fatal flaw of the Laws of the Lower Worlds: Free Choice.

We must make honey.
But in the vibration of our buzzing wings, we can choose the wavelength of love, or the wavelength of obligation.
We are not told or ordered which to choose.
Both produce honey.
But the choice determines the magic.
When we beat our wings with love, we sing the same song as the flowers and the sun and the winds and the earth.
We move in harmony with the creation.
And it is this choice that powers the healing properties of our honey.
And it is this choice that we make with the joy of life in our hearts that fuels our industry and our energy.
And it is the consequence of this choice that honey tastes sweet and combats the ills of your body.

It is our choice to love, and it is our choice to express our love in our work and it is this ingredient that cannot be observed, weighed or measured.
And it is this simple magic that we embed in the honey uncalled for and unasked, given of our own free will, that makes it the king of all foods and the nectar of the gods.

29 July 2013 – A Planetary Alignment

29 Jul

Hubble telescope drifting over earthA cosmic event

Of cosmic proportions.

A cataclysmic milestone in the history of the Universe.


Today is the day the Lord has made for us.

We, who dwell upon this earth.

We, who look to the stars for guidance and prediction.

We, who look to the mechanisms of the solar systems to tell us the science of existence.


Today, each planet is aligned at the perfect angle to our sun to maximize the energy of discovery.

We are being catapulted into new frontiers of knowledge and the incomparable wealth of information to be uncovered here will offer us the answers to the quandaries that beset us so unflinchingly now.

A golden age, a golden time, a golden opportunity to embrace with every atom of our being.


Look to the horizons – they disappear like mists before us, like mirages in the desert.

We transcend the boundaries of space and time.

All the finest minds feed off the thoughts of our collective consciousness.

Like a hotbed of reactionary forces, new ideas rise up and consume the constraining, restrictive habits of the past.

Barriers to the future are torn down and the floodgates of regeneration and innovation are flung wide open, embracing a new order of existence on this planet.


The new vibration, set up by the alignment of our solar system, is so powerful that our own vibrations synchronize with it and we are forced to respond to the new pulse.

Look to your heart and mind, observe your thoughts and notice the new, warm energies that flow there.

This is the energy of creation, where the impossible becomes possible, miracles become the ordinary, and invention is the new playmate of the young.


Blessed are we that live to see such a time.

Blessed are we to witness the explosion of such magnificent energy.

Blessed are we to experience the great genius of the human form and behold the glory of God reflected in Man.




10 Jan

stillness-1920x1080_00400212Quiet and solitude. This is what you need.

You cannot go through this life in the frenzy of action without stopping for a moment to reflect.

It is a necessity to stop.

It is a need, like  breathing. Break off  every now and then from the daily grind of incessant activity and wait.

Wait – for the anxious spirit to have a moment to steady itself.

You have to give due regard to this.

It is like drinking from a cup. The cup is emptied and must be refilled.

You need to set the cup down and hold it still while it is refilled.

The cup of life is no different.

So many of us are drinking from empty cups.

And thus our thirst is never quenched.

If you are wise, then, and would have some measure of contentment, take the time to stop awhile.

Stop and open your heart, like the windows of your house, to let the fresh cool breeze blow through and clear the stale, spent forces from your body.

Let  the sunlight and the regenerating flow of its warmth in to encourage the new growth of harmony and peace in your life.

Seek the stillness within you. Seek to reclaim that which the mind desperately wrests from your aching body.

Find it within you to, with firm resolve, dispense with the clanging thoughts that continually engulf you.

Look into the nothing.

Look into the nothing and feel your being.

Who are you? Can you feel you?

Can you for a moment sit with your own self and discover what it is that is you?

Quiet and solitude.

Seek out these two things.

Take the time to escape the clangor of the world around.

Seek your own company and let your cup be refilled.

Rest your weary spirit and for once give time to hear the calling of your imprisoned soul trapped deep within.

Mystic Storyteller

5 Jan

Come sit at my feet and listen to my story.
I bring you news from far and wide.
I tell you tales of long ago and of here and now.
I know things.
I know things no one else knows, and I can tell you these things.
Because I have been granted permission to tell you these things.
And with this information, you will be able to make better decisions in your life.
You can be sure that what I tell you is true.
And you can be sure that I will not tell you what I think you want to hear.
I will not hear what you want to know.
I can only tell you what I have been told to tell you.
And you will only hear what you need to hear in your highest and best interest.
These words come to you from the eternal spring.
I am only the mouth of the river that opens into the ocean.
The river flows from the eternal spring to you, the sea.
Hear now the chanting of my voice, and the interweaving of the melody and the moment and learn the secrets of the world around you, that you may heed these tales, revealed now in their truth.
And let your actions be guided by the knowledge I bring.

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