Nelson Mandela

9 Dec

nelson-mandela-statue-sizedI have loved you.

I have loved you with all my heart.

I have given my life so that you may live.

I have done all I can to loose you from the bonds of injustice.

And I have played my part in leading a great nation to the foothills of the mountain.

I have brought you all here;

To gather all your strength and courage together,

To melt your hearts in a cauldron of passion and determination.

And  to fuse the ideals of respect, compassion and integrity into a unified, powerful whole.

I have not gathered you thus to ask  you to lay down your own individuality and uniqueness for a dull, one-faceted commonality.

Diversity has always been our greatest strength.

As the diamond sparkles because of its many facets,

So our nation flashes its brilliance because of its many colors and contours.

So you, my people,

From the eldest of the elders to the newest of the newborns,

Give our land its mighty wealth.

In your hands lie the keys to the vast storehouses  of Mother Earth’s treasures.

It is for you to govern the distribution of these assets

In a manner befitting of the gift itself.

Do not disappoint me.

Greed and corruption only lead to destruction and disease.

You are wise, my people.

In you lies the knowledge born of pain  and hardship,

Born of necessity and want,

Born of imagination and dreams.

Entrepreneurship seethes in your blood

And the energy of endless toil holds no fear for you.

Therefore, I call on you now,

To stand as one in your differences.

Climb this mountain before you now,

With the thrill of endeavor within your hearts.

It is not for me to reach its peak, my time has passed.

But this is the legacy I leave for you.

I have brought  you to the foothills.

Now take this land and its inhabitants to the very extremity of its potential.

Use hearts and hands and minds to uplift the darknesses  that surround us.

Let each one shine the beauty of his own heart into the heart of this magnificent country.

And thus, with acceptance and grace,

All can climb to the very peak of the challenges that confront you now,

And conquer the ills that stand in the way of accessing

The very humanity of our being.

I am proud of you, my people.

In the face of hatred and oppression, anger and intolerance,

You all have stood tall and true.

I ask you now, to remain upright and authentic.

And to remember that love and humility are the only real power in this world.

I leave you now, and my heart aches with the pain of separation.

But I have done my best and now it is time for the sun to set

On my beloved country for me for one last time,

For its bounteous rays to bathe the natural beauty of its regions

In that golden African light.

I stand here aghast at the miracle of all the creatures,

All the plants, the deserts, the mountains,

The coastline, the seas.

How I shall miss it all.

But most of all, how I shall miss you all, people of my rainbow nation.

For you have made me what I am.

You have forged my character  in the furnaces

Of your fiery temperaments.

You have astounded me with your astuteness and incisive thinking.

And you have made me laugh with the sheer audacity of your humor.

But now I cry.

For a great leader can only be given the opportunity to be great

By the people he leads.

And I must leave those that gave me this mantle of greatness.

I salute you all,

And there are no words to express the extent of the gratitude I feel towards you all,

For being with me on this,

My own very singular,

Journey of Life.



28 Nov

awe-inspiring-views-earth-apollo_69605_600x450I am home.

Home to those who wish to etch their being in my blue light.

I am like a lamp, glowing in  the universe.

From far away my magical light can be seen

And I entice those distant energies to come to my hearth and listen to the stories I recount.


It is said that my light reaches all corners of the universe.

It is said that my light is hidden from no one.

It is said that my light  is as warm and comforting as the light of Creator Himself.

He has bathed me in his own beauty to reflect His own Glory.


I turn in unison with the symphony of the planets.

We all spin on our own axis,

And yet, if you look closely enough, there is only one axis,

And to it we are all tethered.

And if you look closely at the atoms in your own cells,

You will see that they spin on an axis that is aligned with mine.

And thus we all move in harmony.


Nothing is random.

Not one jot is displaced in the order of things.

There are no colliding paths of existence.

Everything moves in accordance with a master plan.

Mind cannot grasp the whole.

To an ant amidst the grass, each blade must seem an endless challenge.

To the human, the Universe is infinite.

To me, knowing what I know and seeing what I see,

It is not difficult to ascertain the true value of life,

And recognize the sanctity of Man’s existence.


Therefore, I do my best to honour you.

I do my best to nurture you and provide all your bodily needs.

I open the storehouses of my resources

And unstintingly distribute them for your use.

For if I can make it any easier for you to live,

I do so,

Knowing that you are the pinnacle of creation

And God’s chosen ones.


Make the most of your time here.

Unearth the nature  of your being and the purpose of your form.

I am here for you, and treasure you.

Take comfort from my light while you may.

Time is a formidable force and will not yield to your pleas for grace.

There is no rest for  you here,

But while you breathe the air of my cloak,

You have my protection and guardianship.


I do not judge you or guess your worth.

I see your inner light and I see it reflects mine.

Therefore, I know we are brothers, born from the same blood.

And we hold our place here together on this shared journey of life.

A sacred bond, a sacred journey, a sacred mission.


Take my heart with yours and remember me,

For I cannot leave until you have all gone.

And I too, long to return from whence I came.




2 Oct

Feeding the GeeseWe are happy.

We sense a relaxation within.

We feel that sense of belonging without obligation.

We understand the unspoken tryst of acceptance.

And we know that our time together is playtime.


We imprint ourselves in each other’s energy field and leave our contours there to be examined and explored and experienced.

And we fear it not.

Our light filters into the darkness of each other’s heart and it lifts the burdens that lie therein – maybe only for a short while- yet long enough to allow sapped strength to be renewed.

Ills of the world are left at the doorstep of our engagements and in the lightness of our conversation is camouflaged a deep sense of truth.


It is not always easy to recognize a true friend, and our journey together may be short or long.

And it is often that shifts in our own consciousness cause rifts in our relationships.

But it is all good.

We meet fellow travelers along the road of life and share a cup of mulled wine at inns on the way.

We view the hills and valleys together and cross streams and rivers.

And in this way the sometimes endless road seems shorter and easier to tread, inclement weather is parried with shared umbrellas, and individual experiences added together make problems easier to solve.


Friendship is that mystical sense of understanding without explanation,

Of caring without reason,

And of connecting on a subtle vibration of joy that permeates the barriers of our social conditioning.

We all have the capacity to love and be loved and within the bounds of friendship we are given the opportunity to flex our relationship muscles.

It is a safe place: room for error is generous,

Misunderstandings are incidental and forgiveness abundant.


It is all about warmth and congeniality.

And with only the most basic training all of us can be experts in this most rewarding and enriching language of life.




29 July 2013 – A Planetary Alignment

29 Jul

Hubble telescope drifting over earthA cosmic event

Of cosmic proportions.

A cataclysmic milestone in the history of the Universe.


Today is the day the Lord has made for us.

We, who dwell upon this earth.

We, who look to the stars for guidance and prediction.

We, who look to the mechanisms of the solar systems to tell us the science of existence.


Today, each planet is aligned at the perfect angle to our sun to maximize the energy of discovery.

We are being catapulted into new frontiers of knowledge and the incomparable wealth of information to be uncovered here will offer us the answers to the quandaries that beset us so unflinchingly now.

A golden age, a golden time, a golden opportunity to embrace with every atom of our being.


Look to the horizons – they disappear like mists before us, like mirages in the desert.

We transcend the boundaries of space and time.

All the finest minds feed off the thoughts of our collective consciousness.

Like a hotbed of reactionary forces, new ideas rise up and consume the constraining, restrictive habits of the past.

Barriers to the future are torn down and the floodgates of regeneration and innovation are flung wide open, embracing a new order of existence on this planet.


The new vibration, set up by the alignment of our solar system, is so powerful that our own vibrations synchronize with it and we are forced to respond to the new pulse.

Look to your heart and mind, observe your thoughts and notice the new, warm energies that flow there.

This is the energy of creation, where the impossible becomes possible, miracles become the ordinary, and invention is the new playmate of the young.


Blessed are we that live to see such a time.

Blessed are we to witness the explosion of such magnificent energy.

Blessed are we to experience the great genius of the human form and behold the glory of God reflected in Man.



Message from a Royal Baby

25 Jul

2013-07-25 23.00.32Shhhhhhhhhh. I am sleeping.

Do not disturb my peace.

I am trying to make head or tail of where I am.

I am not used to the clangor that surrounds me, and it frightens me.

I come from a dark silent space and there I felt secure and safe.

Here all seems rather hostile and frenetic and it will take time for me to adjust.

I bring a message for you all.

I am the messenger and it is necessary for all to hear the underlying truth of the story I tell.

Look not for diamonds and tiaras.

Look not for crowns and titles and history.

Look not for lineage and inheritance.

Look not what lies on the surface but at that which lies below.

I have been tethered to this mortal coil for an allotted time.

I have only so much that I can give.

I pledge to discharge my duties with dignity and grace.

I pledge to be of whatever service asked of me with all the skill and insight I can muster.

And I dedicate my life to one of service for the good of all.

I do not wish to betray my birthright.

I know I will be supported by the love and goodwill of many.

Yet mine is a lonely road and a difficult path, and no doubt I will disappoint many along the way.

I can only hope that in some way I will manage to please more than I displease.

I beg your forgiveness in advance for those lapses of sound judgement that are part and parcel of the fabric of being human.

I suspect that if we all dig deep enough into our hearts and unlock the resources of forgiveness and compassion that lie within, we will all be able to tolerate the inevitable mistakes and get along just fine!

Machu Picchu

4 May

D1000172I am from long ago.

I am hewn from the mountain with courage and bravery.

I am built as a monument to the energy of the sun.

I tell you now that I am the voice of an ancient people,

I echo their wisdom from a by-gone  era and they call to you to hear their tales of mystery and invention.

You seek answers among the ruins of their structures.

You seek meanings buried behind their carvings and sculptures.

But you are missing that which lies right before your eyes.


Why this citadel so high?

Why this narrow, treacherous, steep path to the pinnacle?

Why set such a Herculean task to live so far from that which is hospitable to man?

Is it isolation?

Is it height?

Is it vantage point?

Is it safety?

Or, is it a portal to another world?


Perhaps our ancestors found their way here on an energy wave that somehow resonates with the vibration of this mountain peak.

Perhaps somehow they tracked the footprints of galactic beasts and were led here to the door of our world.

Perhaps the gate that once stood open in clear communication with another dimension slammed shut during the upheaval of some cataclysmic event,

And we were trapped here, cut off from the origins of our race.


We have lost our heritage.

We have been cut off from our source.

We are being called to return, our hearts resound with the vibration of our roots and our blood runs red with the colour of the earth of our origins.

But we have lost the key, and we cannot find the door.

And thus, high up on this mountain peak, amidst the ruins and the remnants of by-gone days we search for that which cannot be found.

And only the echo of our own heartbeat here amidst these mountain peaks can remind us of these mysteries from long ago.






21 Apr

IMG_6981I am a king.

My kingdom extends across the earth.

I know all my subjects.

I know all the invaders of my lands.

I know the destructors of my fiefdom.

I know who may come and who may go.

Do not dare to believe that you  know more than me.

And should you wish to  cross my borders do not forget to obtain my permission.

For it will go ill with you should you trespass, and no mercy will be shown.

I am not made on simple terms.

My structure is intricately designed and masterfully crafted to absorb the light from the crystalline grid that surrounds the earth.

I process the energies from the grid and the earth, and retune the vibrations so that the balance  between the two entities are held in perfect harmony and are able to communicate with each other.

And it is for this reason that I am the pinnacle of the floral kingdom and it is for this reason that my integrity must be kept pristine and uncorrupted.

Mountain, sea and land, the magical trinity of my habitat: the exquisite balance of these forces of nature hold me at the perfect geometric configuration to allow the etheric fibres to stay crystal clear and the vibration of subatomic  size particles to be transmitted with pinpoint accuracy.

Were it not for me this world would have ended long ago.

I was placed here by the wisdom of the sages of the past, and through the eons I have evolved into the instrument of cosmic communication that is needed here.

My message to you is to open your hearts to the voice of the planet, heed the call of the divine to give due acknowledgement to the gift of life and respect the sacred earth on which you have been placed.

You are only a guest here for a short while.

It is only right that you should not take advantage of the hospitality that you have been shown.

While you are here, rather enhance your surroundings; do not use more of the resources than you need.

By all means enjoy all the facilities but:

Tidy up after yourself and leave the place in a better condition than when you arrived.

In this way, you can be sure that the host will appreciate and respect you, friendships can be forged,

And you will be always be welcome should you need to pass this way again.

The Labyrinth

4 Apr

Picture of a labyrinth

Are you confused?

Have you lost your way?

Does clear thinking escape you?

Have you found it difficult to trap your mind into focusing on a specific task? Continue reading


3 Apr

964_2825ad973817b1101f83075e1095b77aI am the sighing of the wind in the trees.

I carry with me the deep sorrow of the soul.

I am yoked to the burdens of life.

I am tethered to the storms of the angry seas and

I am bound as a slave to the chains of despair.

I am forever welded into the innermost recesses of your heart,

Because I come to you as a gift from the Lord.

Continue reading


7 Mar

intuition-bente-hansenDivine Inspiration.

Knowledge that infiltrates your being.

It has a warmth. Continue reading

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