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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

11 Feb

I am a highway to heaven.
I open my arms and beg you to be embraced by me.
I invite you to feel welcome and loved
And I open myself completely to your inspection.

I feel your eyes upon me.
I feel your admiration and your awe.
I feel your sense of expanse and your sense of balance
And I feel how you stretch your heart out to me and try to touch my soul.
I can feel your presence, just as you can see mine.

My steel beams and structures are like a tuning fork vibrating in the air and resonating with the dance of the wind.
My pylons and girders are knitted together in a harmonious union of strength and beauty.
You have put me here as a bridge from one destination to another
But in truth, this is not as it seems.
I am here and the lands reach out to touch me.
They connect with me and keep their own balance by feeling my connection to the sea bed.
They know, and can hear the song of the sea through my deciphering the messages enhanced and translated by salt and steel.

I am the sounding board of the landmass.
I am the medium of communication between land and sea.
I am the radiator of the disputes and juxtapositions of opposing natural elements.
I am the connector of interconnectedness.
I am the element that was missing, finally placed as a puzzle piece into a grand scale of communication, the silicon chip, masterminded by the technician of life.
Through me the current of life flows and the software of the earth’s sound interfaces seamlessly through my hardware.

Who would have thought?
Who would have dared imagine?
Who would have conceptualized the relationship between myself and the technology around me?

Thus is the beauty of the synchronicity of life –
This is why, unbeknownst to us, the path has already been laid in front of us.
And it is only our feet pacing our beings through the direction set ahead, that the plan completes itself.

So it is well met, you and I,
When you behold me and I embrace you in my space.
For it is our destiny and our privilege to meet at this planned moment in time,
On the forefront of expansion and innovation to transmit our own duet of love into the world.

[The Golden Gate bridge is a unique construction, reflecting the technology of the area in which it is built.
We cannot know its real significance or deepest purpose, for we are not privy to the language of its pulse. We can, at best, appreciate its function and allow the beauty of its lines make us feel welcome to explore further the dimensions of the landscape in which it stands.]

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