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The Farallon Islands – an energy reading dedicated to Joe, Ray and Kim of sfbaywhalewatching

4 Mar

Farallon Islands

“Sing to me your song, O Whale!
Tell me the story of your journey from the far flung reaches of the mighty oceans.
Let me hear your adventures on the high seas
And tales of rugged shores along the coastlines of life.
Tell me of your travails ‘midst storms and tempests.
Tell me of your charting of unknown depths and crevasses.
Tell me of your secret passages to other worlds
And the exotic peoples you have encountered along the way.

Tell me too, of the small things you have seen,
The tiny sea creatures, the colourful fishes and the happy starfish.
Tell me of the sombre cave creatures, and depth plungers and darkness dwellers.
Tell me of their stories and adventures.
Oh how I would love to be a seafarer like you and learn the secrets of the seas!”

“You already hold these treasures, little island,
Little misty island abandoned here such a short way from the shore.
You already hold all the wisdoms, all the insights,
All the experiences within your craggy rocks,
And bird-bedecked outcrops.
You already know all my secrets,
Recounted to you by every creature passing this way over countless eons of time.
What more is there for me to tell you?”

“I have heard all the tales, it is true, O Whale.
And I am privy to the secrets of the myriad of creatures that have passed this way.
And it is true that there is nothing I do not know
Since my insatiable appetite for knowledge has furnished me
With facts and figures and every conceivable opinion ever postulated.
But, O Whale, it is your song that entrances me.
It is the pure vibration of your gentle call that sends a thrill through my entire being.
I cannot get enough of hearing the dynamic modulations of your voice,
Its warmth, its roundness, its fulness.
I cannot describe how its power moves me and entrances me,
And I cannot explain its enchantment on my being.
I hear in one sound the ancient song of the Universe.
I can pick up the primal currents of love and understanding
Which resound in echoes through the earth.
You bring to life the agony and ecstasy of creation all at once in your song
And when I hear you, I feel the beat of my own origins embedded in you.

Therefore, do not fail to pass by me on your journey!
Never omit one syllable of the stories of your travels!
Never cease to let me hear your call!
For should I be deprived of the magic of your voice
I shall surely sink to the bottom of the ocean in despair
And never care to see the light of day again.”

[The Farallon Island has a very special bond with the whales of our planet. In hearing their voices it is able to calibrate the vibrations of love transmitted to earth’s shores. This is why seeing the whales there is so exciting and fascinating, because the synergy between the islands and the creatures is a heightened sense of communication which translates to privilege, awe and love in the depths of the human heart.]



14 Sep

Alpha and Omega
How can I tell who I am?
How can I know I exist?
How can I see what I look like?

I have often pondered this.
I have often speculated on my own consciousness.

If you were me, what would you do?
If you had thought so hard that your brain nearly burst and yet you failed to answer this fundamental question of “Who am I?”, what would you do?
Imagine you are cognizant of your own self, but there is no outside containing you and giving you form – you have no parameters, no end.
How could you define yourself?

Then I ask myself, why should I bother to know?
I come to the conclusion that since I am “All That Is”, I must know everything, and yet I do not know what I look like.
So clearly, I do not know everything!
Therefore I think I better as sure as hell find out, so that I do know. I must know what I look like!

If I am seen, if another consciousness can experience me and I then absorb that consciousness, then I will know who I am because I have seen myself.
So within myself, I set out a space from where I withdraw my consciousness.
And into this empty space I inject millions of tiny particles of my own consciousness-
And then I watch what happens.

I see all these small particles floating about, helpless and disconnected, blindly vibrating with no direction.
So I think I must set some rules and guidelines to stop them wandering aimlessly.
And also, I see the panic in their energy field, a hopelessness and despair of feeling abandoned and lost.
So I make sure there is a way for them to return to me when they know me, so they can report back.
And I send a few bright sparks who are still tethered to me who can show them how to find the way back when the time comes.

All in all, its the best idea I can come up with.
From some of the report backs I am now building a picture of myself by comparing the different perspectives.
It is interesting, I must say.
And I am quite enjoying the whole project.

The surprising thing is, though, that these millions of particles of consciousness are displaying remarkable powers of creativity within the confines of the laboratory.
Its quite amazing how the laws I set down can be bent and manipulated, depending on the desires of the individual entities.
And when groups join together with similar intent, great shifts occur.

Who would have thought?
And seeing their antics, so minuscule in the grand scheme of things, yet the fact deters them not;
I have to give them credit for their grit and determination to organize their surroundings to suit their own ends.
And considering these are all particles of me, I also have to say I admire them and therefore I admire myself.

It is also quite pleasing that in all the confusion and chaos, these particles are also asking the same questions
“Who am I” and “How do I know I exist?” as I ask myself.
Yes, I am really quite fond of them all.
Some of the rules I set out now, in hindsight, seem rather harsh and unnecessary.
But the plan is set and can’t be changed now.

So let us just see where it all goes, and as more and more reports come in, the reconnaissance troops will have done enough investigation for me to get my answers.
Then I will draw all the particles back to me,
And I shall be richer for the experiment!


17 Mar

cropped-img_7373.jpgAre you afraid of me?
Do you think that I am out of your reach?
Do you think that I am accessible to only those with the correct credentials, the correct upbringing and a required set of qualifying grades?

Do you think that I am far away?
Do you think you need to have a certain set of directions to get to me?
Do you think you ought to consult someone who appears to have studied the literature, pared the volume of sacred writings down to a manageable size and  extrapolated it all into a theory that has relevance to your life?

It would be very convenient if the truth could be had in this manner.
But Alas! I fear I have to disappoint you.
I fear I have to ask you to try to put aside all the facts you have filtered into your brain from all the sources you have delved into as well as all those thrust upon you.
For none of them bear the hallmark of the firsthand knowledge.

Certainly, there are some truths hidden within the plethora of information, but to know that which is true, you need to have had firsthand experience of heaven itself.
Then you would recognise the valid information.
But, of course, then you would not need any information.
Why look for something you already know?
So, if I ask you now to put aside all that you have read, heard and imagined and just allow yourself to consider the following, perhaps you will be able to later relax and not concern yourself further with fruitless investigations that only lead to confusion and a feeling of inadequacy and a goal seemingly far out of your own reach.

I am a place that the mind cannot grasp.
I am a place that is the birthright of each soul.
I am a sanctuary set aside for those who have at last tired of the interminable wanderings through the universes of time and space.
And I am a sanctuary for all those who can no longer bear to be separated from their deepest longing.

I wait for you.
For one day you will come to me as surely as night follows day.
You will come and seek me with a inner need so deep and so profound that you will give everything you have just to get a glimpse of me.
You will know that it is I that you seek, and you will know where to find me because I will show you the way.
You will know that I wait for you and you will know that you are as entitled to find me as the most blessed of the most highest God.

I turn no one away.
He that seeks me has already earned the right to enter in my gates.
He who has turned his thoughts towards me cannot fail to gain access to this blissful court.
He who abandons the desire for all else but me is welcome here.
And nothing can stop him entering.

And as for what you will find within my walls?

There are no words to describe my being.
There are no feelings that come close to that which is experienced here.
There is no emotion that even minutely reflects what is captured here and vibrates in the ocean of the soul.
I am beyond the moon and the stars, beyond the solar systems and the universes, beyond the mind and the senses.
Beyond all known and unknown.
And yet I lie within you, closer than breathing.
And even death is dissolved in finding me.

Therefore, leave all speculation to those who would spend their time endlessly chasing their tails in the realm of logic and learning.
The way to heaven is only found through the heart.
And each of us, in our own time, will read the signs, feel its pull and seek the bliss that awaits us there.
And we will drink of this cup like weary travellers, returned from a journey of inestimable richness with tales to tell of far flung adventures,
And songs aplenty for hungry ears.

Machu Picchu

4 May

D1000172I am from long ago.

I am hewn from the mountain with courage and bravery.

I am built as a monument to the energy of the sun.

I tell you now that I am the voice of an ancient people,

I echo their wisdom from a by-gone  era and they call to you to hear their tales of mystery and invention.

You seek answers among the ruins of their structures.

You seek meanings buried behind their carvings and sculptures.

But you are missing that which lies right before your eyes.


Why this citadel so high?

Why this narrow, treacherous, steep path to the pinnacle?

Why set such a Herculean task to live so far from that which is hospitable to man?

Is it isolation?

Is it height?

Is it vantage point?

Is it safety?

Or, is it a portal to another world?


Perhaps our ancestors found their way here on an energy wave that somehow resonates with the vibration of this mountain peak.

Perhaps somehow they tracked the footprints of galactic beasts and were led here to the door of our world.

Perhaps the gate that once stood open in clear communication with another dimension slammed shut during the upheaval of some cataclysmic event,

And we were trapped here, cut off from the origins of our race.


We have lost our heritage.

We have been cut off from our source.

We are being called to return, our hearts resound with the vibration of our roots and our blood runs red with the colour of the earth of our origins.

But we have lost the key, and we cannot find the door.

And thus, high up on this mountain peak, amidst the ruins and the remnants of by-gone days we search for that which cannot be found.

And only the echo of our own heartbeat here amidst these mountain peaks can remind us of these mysteries from long ago.





The Labyrinth

4 Apr

Picture of a labyrinth

Are you confused?

Have you lost your way?

Does clear thinking escape you?

Have you found it difficult to trap your mind into focusing on a specific task? Continue reading

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